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As you arrived here, you're possibly wondering how to use And it is for that purpose this part is found for – to offer assistance for our visitors and tickets buyers to use in an ideal way and eventually do business with us successfully.

Above the site, you can notice the logos of social media that connect to the the city's main pages on these networks. And we place them there in case you might interest in following some other activities of these pages keep relation with the city's updates.

And as you can as well notice on the site, you can see the list of upcoming events that appears on top right, and its detailed version in the central part of the site. That's the planning of events that displays time and date of the event, and the venue where it is predictable to appear in. And the view tickets button that will redirect you where to complete the booking of tickets.

In case you want to lessen your search, a filter is found in the left of the site that will help you specify what you you are interested in. The filter offers you the chance to you lessen the search by date, or the event you select, or the venue.

When you decide for an event and you hit the button view tickets, you will be passed to the other page where provided as well. gives you information we expect by section, row, quantity and price, and provided as well a map that gives you information about your seats.

We expect that this help section has given enough details you aim to know so as to easily use

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